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The Workbench

The Workbench

This is a continuously updated page of tools, supplies, mixes, recipes, and techniques that I have used while painting minis. Other posts will link to these explanations, and new entries will be added as I use them.

Future (Pledge) Floor Polish
Pledge Floor Care

Future (now Pledge) is pure liquid acrylic with a flow improver added. The flow improver allow it to get sucked into cracks while drying. This is useful for thinning paint, mixing washes, and providing a tough, protective surface over paint.

It does create a very high-gloss surface

This bottle cost me around 5 bucks, and has lasted for over four years. It's available at almost any grocery or department store.

Flow Aid
Matte Medium
Slow Dry

These are common additives for acrylics paints. They change the properties of the paint without diluting or changing the color.

Flow Aid is a flow enhancer that improves the flow, absorption and blending of acrylic paint or ink. It decreases the surface tension of paint, allowing it to flow into small cracks and creavases.

Matte Medium is added to paint to increase its transparency and decrease it's shine.

Slow Dry is a wetting agent that increases the time it takes for acrylic paint to dry. Increased drying time allows for working the paint on the mini prior to drying.

Each of these are commonly available at any art supply store.

Pre-Mixed Primer Washes
Primer Washes

After priming, I often give it a quick wash to help bring out the details and provide some pre-shading. These are three standard washes I pre mix and keep around.

These washes are used only on minis that are primed in white, and are applied after the primer is completely dry. They are applied with a gentle brush, making sure not to create air bubbles. While the wash pools in crevices on the mini, a dry brush is used to wick up excess.

Each primer wash follows the same recipe:

30 parts Future
2 parts ink
1 part Matte Medium
1 part Flow Aid

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