Saturday, April 16, 2016

Killjoys in 28mm - Step 4: Face the Facts

I hate painting faces.

I especially hate painting eyes.

I'm also not very good at it. I usually have to go back again and again and again to get things right. It's frustrating.

So frustrating that I can't even tell you how I do it.

I will point out a place that has some very good advice; advice that I try to follow.

These guys know what they are doing.  You should just read all of the posts on Reaper's website. Each time I read one, I become a slightly better painter.

Anyway, the Killjoys are coming along, finally. With faced done, I can now start on the
easy part - the rest of the miniature.


  1. Fantastic choice of models for the crew. Where is the far right model from?

    1. The left three are from Hasslefree, the one on the far right is from Reaper.

  2. Thanks - found and ordered! I wanted her for a pulp game I'm running. I'd be very interested to see further posts on your Killjoy progress. There is a new Osprey published skirmish game called Rogue Stars coming out. That or their Black Ops Skirmish rules may be good for a basis for Killjoys?