Saturday, March 12, 2016

Killjoys in 28mm - Step 1: Choosing Miniatures

Meet the Killjoys - D'avin, Dutch, and John. Mercenaries, bounty hunters, and three of the toughest fighters the Quad has ever seen.

Now, lets paint them up in 28mm.

Step 1: Finding the right miniatures

With the plethora of miniature companies out there, it should be easy to find three minis that match out heroic heroes.

There are many companies that cast high-quality and detailed minis. This time, I've chosen minis from Hasslefree.Their minis are detailed and their casts are top rate, with very little distortion, underfill, or flash.

I've picked these three minis:

For Dutch: HFA015 Dionne

I have the B model of this mini already, and she always struck me as a competent professional. Although the minis outfit does not conceal the fact that the character is a woman, it does not hypersexualize her, either. It's a simple, utilitarian suit for wet work - something Dutch is very good at. The B model has a nice overcoat, something that doesn't seem to be Dutch's style.

I will have to extend her hair a bit, but that won't be difficult.

For D'avin: HFA106 Deano

D'avin is a soldier - something that is central to his character, so it's only fitting that he is represented by a fully kitted out soldier. D'avin is in full battledress, with a powerful SMG. His strong jaw shows his strength and a bit of arrogance. It's easy to see why he became a Level 4 Killjoy.

For John: HFA113 Donnie

Johnnie was the hardest to find a miniature for. So many minis are either completely military (Like Deano above) or helpless civilian. John is neither. As a Killjoy, he mostly lives in a comfortable shirt and slacks, only strapping on a gun when he needs it.

All three minis are on order, and should arrive in a week or so. Once that happens, we'll talk about unboxing and initial preping

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